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Plugging in to HotSocket allows clients to compress the selling cycle and get more results more quickly. HotSocket identifies and tests in real-time an entire range of possible marketing variables that may impact a consumer's decision. HotSocket determines critical sales drivers and then delivers the optimal offer.

HotSocket works with each client company to custom-tailor direct response marketing strategies that go beyond simply optimizing banners and clickthroughs to optimizing each and every step of the sales process, thereby converting interested prospects into buying customers at every possible level.

HotSocket reduces clients' financial risk with a pay-for-results model. The HotSocket business proposition is anchored in the premise that clients pay for agreed-upon business results. Aside from a low initial slotting fee, clients only pay HotSocket when HotSocket delivers the desired results. It is a virtually risk-free proposition for marketers seeking a more effective and efficient means of closing sales on the web!
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