About Us

Our Mission

Using the unique, interactive attributes of the web, innovative companies have revolutionized the process of how consumers buy. Now, HotSocket is pioneering a new way for marketers to sell.

Combining the dynamic capabilities of the web with the proven principles and techniques of direct marketing, HotSocket manages and optimizes the entire process of selling to consumers on the web to close more sales for clients. As an online sales channel enabled by cutting-edge technology, HotSocket delivers greater results by presenting the right offer to the right consumer, while simultaneously decreasing financial risk for its Direct Marketing clients, who pay only when a sale is made or a lead is generated.

HotSocket is equipped for partnerships that will establish online direct marketing as a profitable sales channel. HotSocket's mission is to make selling on the Internet a measurable, accountable, and profitable venture for clients and concurrently offer a seamless shopping experience to consumers.
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