What We Do


"The beauty of (HotSocket's) model is that it is very nearly zero-risk…changes that don't work are quickly rejected, while tweaks that do are reinforced…as far as business models go, this one is hard to beat."
- Red Herring

"...Get a taste for the sort of change that HotSocket wants to bring to the world of online direct marketing...bringing greater efficiency to the direct sales process promises not only to increase profits for marketers but to make things easier on customers as well by making fewer but more relevant and better targeted offers."
- Internetnews.com

"HotSocket's bottom-line approach is exactly what Direct Response merchandisers are looking for."
- Bob Castle, Founder, Unimail & Former Executive Vice-President, DMA

"HotSocket provides a tremendous ability to facilitate sales in terms of Web site design, pricing, incentives and evaluation of consumer response."
- Barry Reichman, President, Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc.
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