Unix system administrator
UNIX Systems Admin; UNIX Installation, UNIX Configuration, UNIX Maintenance, UNIX Upgrades, UNIX network services. Shell scripting a plus. UNIX Systems Administrator's the time is now! HOTSOCKET is seeking an UNIX Systems Admin fortheir innovative IT department. In this exciting role as the UNIX Systems Admin you are responsible for the overall support of UNIX systems hardware and UNIX systems software for the organization. The UNIX Systems Admin will install UNIX, configure UNIX, troubleshoot UNIX and optimize UNIX network services (web servers, UNIX e-mail, NFS, Samba, NIS/Automounter SNMP, TCP/IP) on servers. UNIX Systems Admin will also assist on PBX, voice and data communication systems. In addition, the UNIX Systems Admin will work on projects such as upgrading/implementing security programs on our LAN; developing a network UNIX backup plan; UNIX installing, UNIX configuring, and managing a new enterprise backbone switch; and assisting in the development and implementation of a disaster recovery plan.    continued...
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